Monday, December 02, 2002

TR Barbados Marathon

Trip Report
Barbados Marathon
Georgetown, Barbados

If you ever wondered how hot it might be in Hell I have a suggestion --- try racing/running a marathon in the Caribbean.The Barbados International Marathon started at 5am so I ran the first Half hard and fast to take advantage of the darkness and cool 78F temps and humidity in the low 80s. By 6:30am the sun started to rise along with my body temperature and heart rate. By 8:15am I was approaching 37Km and the sun was beating down mercilessly on the dark asphalt. The temps had risen into the low 80s, the humidity into the 90s, my body temp was 100+ and my heart monitor was beeping and flashing wildly and continuously? Thus I was forced to go into 'survival mode' for the last 5 Km and struggled across the finish line in 3:44:48.That time was good enough to win the Senior or ROF (Real Old Farts) division!I would like to think that was my last marathon in that heat but unfortunately I know of three other marathons in the Caribbean that I have not run and I hate to leave a challenge/goal unfinished?But it was my last marathon for this year - # 205 and my 58th country which is more significant because I have now run my age in countries. Isn't that similar to that goal in golf - 'to shoot your age'? Only this goal seems to be more difficult since I know of only two (maybe three?) other runners in the world who have accomplished this feat!

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