Monday, October 11, 2004

RR Durango

Race report
Durango Marathon
Durango, CO
Sun, Oct 10/04

220 runners in the marathon , another 220 in the HalfWeather was good - sunny and 38F at the 8am start. Course elevation around 7,000 ft but the course was much hillier and tougher than advertised. Unfortunately I felt bad right from the start? In the first mile the old bod felt tired/run down? I thought I might have a virus or flu bug (or maybe just too many hard marathons in too short a time?). I seriously considered dropping out of the race at mile 2 after running a 9:02 mile -downhill! But I figured I should give the old bod a chance to overcome whatever the problem was. Never happened! I never felt better the whole race!Somehow - mainly guts and experience - I was able to hang in and struggle through all 26 miles and finish in 3:43:17. Good enough for 19th place overall and first in my age group. But I never - ever- want to do that again (run a marathon while feeling so bad/sick)!And all I got for my efforts and a ridiculous/exorbitant $75 entry fee was a very cheap/lousy award and not even a race T-shirt! As much as I like Durango I won't be coming back to this marathon!I am glad that I don't have any more marathons scheduled until Nov in Europe. Can give the old bod some time to rest.

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